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The need for pension

The need for pension

What is Easy Pension

Easy Pension is a voluntary pension scheme birthed from a collaboration between People's Pension Trust and Vodafone . The scheme allows Vodafone subscribers to contribute towards their retirement on the Vodafone cash platform.

How to register

Dial *461# to register and follow the prompts or visit the nearest Vodafone agent. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive an SMS notification.

Who can register

Anyone between the ages of 15 and 75.

Scheme Features

The product is a voluntary pension scheme that allows members to make flexible payments towards their retirement. Contributions are split equally into two accounts, the savings and the retirement account. Contributions are invested in safe avenues with by our fund managers. After 6 months of the first payments, members can make a withdrawal from the saving account only. The retirement account and accrued interest can only be accessed when a client attains the age of 60yrs, is certified as an invalid by a medical professional, or the designated beneficiaries can make a claim on the demise of a member.

How to pay 

Dial *110# and follow the prompts to make your contribution.


EasyPension FAQs

No. Only Vodafone subscribers can register for EasyPension. Subscribers on other networks who wish to register can either purchase a Vodafone SIM or port their existing number to Vodafone.

You can register for EasyPension by dialing *461# and following the prompts. You can also register at a Vodafone agent point. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmatory  SMS.

Contributions can be done from the age of 15 and above.

Contribution amounts for EasyPension is voluntary, you can contribute as low as 1GHc. However, to have a meaningful retirement amount, contribution amounts should be significant and regular.

Yes, you will receive interest on your contribution, however, the interest is subject to the prevailing investment rate on the market.

You can check your account statement by dialing *461# and following the prompts. Each member will also be issued with a statement of account three months after every financial year.  You can also call the call center on 0302738242, send an email to or visit

Yes. Your money is safe. Pension schemes operate under the National Pensions Regulatory Act, 2008 (Act 766) and are strictly regulated by the NPRA. Funds are invested in line with the Statement of Investment Policy document designed by People’s Pension Trust and approved by the NPRA.

People’s Pension Trust and Vodafone Ghana oversee the management and administration of the scheme. The Fund manager of the scheme is Dusk Capital. The Custodian bank is Standard Chartered Bank.

A contributor may withdraw part of the accrued benefits in the savings account after six months of first contribution.

When a member stops contributing before the retirement age, he/she an access the funds in the savings account. The retirement account can only be accessed when they attain 60 years.

The minimum age at which people stop contributing and start receiving their retirement income is 60 years. If clients want to stay working and contributing, they can, from 60 years on, decide every year whether they want to retire.

At retirement, you can take a lump sum or opt for a payment plan from which you will be paid periodic retirement income.

Your contribution will be given to your stated beneficiary(s).

In the case a client cannot work anymore because of a disability (during pension contribution phase), client is eligible for immediate pay out in a lump sum of his/her savings so far including investment returns. Client must provide a disability statement of a registered doctor.

Failure to plan towards one’s retirement during your years of active work means you will not be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle during retirement. This may lead you into pension poverty, rendering you miserable and in abject poverty for the remaining days on earth.

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