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Delivering Value Through Our Sales Ambassador Program

“You must possess XXXX years of experience” is one of the key requirements that job recruiters demand when scouting for the best talents to help promote businesses and brands. That same requirement is also perhaps the most lacked quality for most first-time job seekers. This, therefore, becomes a barrier to them securing a job that they could truly excel at, and for recruiters, they sometimes lose out on getting the best talents to fill the role.   

Sales Ambassador Programs are therefore one of the ways organizations committed to developing the skills and talents of young people offer as a solution. This is because it serves as a great opportunity to develop their interpersonal and professional skills and grow their network whilst offering or selling brands that provide real solutions to real issues. 


In its quest to expand pension coverage as well as raise awareness on the need to save for a better tomorrow and start early at that, People’s Pension in partnership with Trestle Academy Ghana, acting as the Super-Agent, has rolled out a Sales Ambassadors Program. Last Saturday, the first cohort of sales ambassadors, all of the students at the University of Ghana, one of the country’s premier universities were taken through their first training session.

Numbering thirteen they were introduced to the brand, heard the PPT story and its vision, the huge challenge of most Ghanaians being without a pension, and the ambition that PPT has to change this situation so people do not work all their lives only to end up poor in retirement. Determined to tell the story better through their engagement and experience with the brand, most of them signed up for their pension plans.

The benefits of the program to the ambassadors themselves in the now and the future were also discussed. One of them is the opportunity it presents to them to start putting money aside no matter how small towards their future. Once they walk the talk, convincing others to deliberately plan towards their retirement as well will hold better meaning.

Most importantly though, these ambassadors will gain valuable experience and understanding of how branding and marketing work. They will acquire great communication and engagement skills which will enable them to persuade others to feel positive about saving for their retirement. 


By interacting with a wide range of people as they seek to educate, change notions about pensions and encourage people to sign up for a personal pension plan, they will also be building an invaluable network of contacts that they can fall on later in their work life. The qualities and skills acquired, are also just the sort of characteristics that graduate employers are looking for; putting them notches above their peers during the job search. 

So as People's Pension works to create a better tomorrow for Ghanaians by offering them flexible retirement packages, it is just as determined to offer the students an early start at preparing for their future as well as develop their skills by offering them real-life job experiences that will prepare them adequately for the job market. Because, after all, the marketing savviness will certainly look great on their CVs and make them stand out to recruiters!

Pension Weekly Newsletter - Edition 14 - April 2020

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