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Reshaping The Retirement Planning Process With The New PPT Website


Retirement planning in the 21st century has gone beyond the use of complex formulae and huge figures. Many people need help planning and saving for their retirement yet to the layperson, financial advice often appears complex and possibly expensive. Through behavioral science-based research, we have come to appreciate how something as simple as a uniquely designed website has the potential to transform our retirement planning system and influence peoples’ approach to retirement planning; as it highlights the impact of financial technology to influence not only the retirement system design but also impact members’ decision to save for their retirement, especially for literate and tech-savvy people.

The new website utilizes seamless technology, easy to read and interpret graphics to push our agenda of ending old-age poverty by creating awareness on who we are as a brand and what we stand for. In addition to the generic information found on most financial websites, a visitor will also find an in-depth description of all our schemes and the benefits derived from signing on to each. The new website will effectively double as a tool for financial literacy as it offers members access to the relevant information they will need to make smart retirement planning decisions as well as happenings within the pension industry.  

We believe that this website communicates our strong interest to increase and enhance the range of interactions we have with our members, in a bid to improve their understanding of pensions. One new addition we are excited about is the Member Portal. After setting up login details for the first time, members can sign on to other schemes, track their contributions, check their balance or simply grow their pension fund. There is also the option to request or download statements, amongst others. With the click of a button, one can access more information by subscribing to our newsletter. Members can also engage with us in real-time via the chatbox, a new feature added to improve member engagement. The website and all its great features can be accessed from a phone or laptop.  

One of the many certainties that this website brings us is the flexibility to improve user experience as we go along. We intend to continually leverage changing technological trends to influence how our members prepare for their later years. We are getting ready for a launch soon and will keep you informed on when you can have a firsthand experience of our website. Stay with us!

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