PPT and Trustees Chamber organize working visit to the Netherlands

People’s Pension Trust and the Chamber of Corporate Trustees have organized a working visit to the Netherlands. The visit which lasted for a week was made up of representatives from various corporate trustees, fund management companies and the Chamber of Corporate Trustees.

The main objectives of the visit was to allow local industry players to learn about industry trends, how the Dutch Pension Industry built its resilient structures to stand the test of time, to understand the Dutch Pension journey, as well as provide a platform where Ghanaian pension companies can interact and build partnerships with other pension companies around the world as well as network.

Samuel Waterberg, CEO of People’s Pension Trust in an interview highlighted that, although the company’s core mandate is to end old age poverty, it also seeks to increase the knowledge of the pension industry. This visit comes on the back of PPT’s first International Conference held in February 2019, that brought together pension players around the world to discuss topical pension issues. “It will help if PPT can also introduce its foreign partners to other local corporate trustees so that together, we can learn and increase the sustainability and capacity of the pension industry in Ghana” he added.

Speaking to the Managing Director of Axis Trust, Mr. Afriyie Oware, he emphasized the importance of such study arrangements with established pension companies around the world as there is a lot to be learnt from foreign counterparts. Explaining further, he said the experience was a good one that afforded him the opportunity to validate some processes and systems. He added, “I particularly like the flexible work culture and friendly work environment. It reduces stress and allows employers develop a positive mindset towards work."

Participants reiterated the importance of such programs, citing the learnings and knowledge acquired as being beneficial to their practice. They were of the view that it be organized yearly to ensure the local pension sector stays abreast with the latest trends on the global pensions landscape.



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