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Pension Weekly - Delivering Value:  Insights from The Health Check.


Our last edition in January featured a Health Check exercise with Trimester Save (TMS) – Ghana, A Fintech and mobile health solution fostering a bond between the health and finance sectors. The ongoing health consultative exercise delivers value particularly for members above 55 years by offering a free 7-min phone session with a doctor from TMS in a bid to aid the sect to get answers for lingering health issues in preparation for retirement. 

Though it’s early days yet, the activity ratings from the campaign have been overwhelming. Our mandatory engagements after each session with participants highlighted that the beneficiaries found the campaign both thoughtful and useful as they inch close to retirement. We engaged two participants in a quick chat about their experience. 

Mercy Anku,  an accountant in Accra, signed on the PPT Occupational scheme is one of the beneficiaries who shared her experience with us

“The consultation went really well. He asked me is if I have any issues and truthfully, aside from getting tired, I don’t really have any issues. He advised I check my blood level and get rest as often as I can, and also take things easy but that will be a little difficult because I still have responsibilities. I think it’s a very good initiative for your aged members. I will however propose you add a dietician as well so they can also advise on what to eat for healthy living, because not every health problem can be solved by medicine.”

Reaching members wherever they are with our solutions is central to our product design processes and complementary service offerings, emphasizing the importance of our digital drive. Mr. Vincent Hiakope – a Tier 3 scheme member from Kumasi had this to say about his session with the doctor. 

“It was a good exercise. The doctor was able to help me. He asked me to do some checks and he also prescribed some medicines. I think it will be very helpful if the Doctor is close by. Then he can take a proper look at the problem and also give you a prescription because not all drugs can be sold over the counter.” 

 Accessing the right information for this unique group is extremely essential especially in this Covid-19 era.  As a company, we will continue to offer services that enable our members to prepare for their retirement beyond financial.  The pilot phase of this first health check is scheduled to end in February. The learnings from this will be pivotal in our resolution to scale up the service to other member groupings and also help us offer like services using tailored approaches and strategies.  

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Pension Weekly Newsletter- Edition 6 - February 2021

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