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Our Sales Ambassador Program-A Chat with the Project Lead and Participants


Our newsletter last week introduced our Sales Ambassador Program with students from the University of Ghana. This program is made possible through our partnership with Trestle Academy Ghana, a youth-centered empowerment organization. The program that has been running for two weeks uses student ambassadors as sales representatives to introduce retirement planning to Ghanaian workers. In turn, the students will gather some working experience on the job, a proficiency that will come in handy later on in life.  

We had a quick chat with Wonders Aggor, Trestle’s lead on the project, and two student participants on their motivation for joining the program and their expectations. Read more here.

People’s Pension - What does Trestle Academy Ghana hope to achieve with this partnership.

Wonders Aggor - With this program, we hope to promote economic equality and reduce poverty. Since People’s Pension Trust is focused on the informal sector, we thought it wise to partner with you because it's in line with the foundation’s vision. We hope that our coming on board will also promote Peoples Pension’s brand because we believe that you are headed in the right direction. 

People’s Pension - Considering that you work with young people, why pension, a subject that is widely considered for old people?

Wonders Aggor – What we are doing on this project is more like sales and marketing and not only carved out for young people perse, though the benefits will be reaped when a member is aged. I think that if we really want to change this country we need to inculcate certain habits into people while they are still in school. These students will gain some experience in identifying prospects and pitching their ideas to them. This can be the foundation of something big that will transform the thinking of students while in school. 

People’s Pension - How do you envision the students benefiting from this program?

Wonders Aggor – We decided to start with students because, considering the number of tertiary institutions in this country, if we can open chapters on all campuses and get student ambassadors everywhere, you can imagine the number of people we will be impacting. This project will allow the students to build their network, learn some skills that are not taught in school and better prepare them for the job market. Young people can make an impact in promoting retirement planning, especially for the informal sector. 

After that interaction with the Trestle lead, we also had a quick chat with some participants of the program on their reasons for joining the program and their prospects for themselves and those they sign on to the scheme. 

”I expect to gain confidence and be motivated where ever I find myself and also gain experience in the job market. I also expect that those I sign on will benefit from the pension scheme for retirement and have a better package so that they don't go home after their career with nothing to show for their labor or depend on” – Magdalene Kanam.

“At the end of this partnership, I want to develop my skills and talents and also help others to develop their skills and abilities. I hope to help people secure their retirement income, learn about how the pension industry works in Ghana and also earn some money through the program’s commission system” - Sedem Avornyo

About Trestle Group Foundation 

Trestle Academy Ghana – Launched in 2019 to promote individual freedom by providing a safe place where entrepreneurs can learn from other entrepreneurs. The main focus is on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). With a mission of becoming Africa’s leading Hub of innovation, growth, and business opportunity generation, Trestle Academy’s Vision is to empower people to impact lives through 21st Century skills acquisition, dynamic business opportunities, and innovative products.

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