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Building a business from scratch: 5 yrs down the road to inclusive pension


Pensions are invaluable. To the individual, they provide a healthy financial future and means to break out from the poverty cycle. To a country, they enable investment, furthering vital improvements in infrastructure, healthcare, and more. Around 70-80% of Africa’s population works in the informal sector with no access to a pension. The need is great, and so is the challenge, with small and variable contributions making it difficult to build a sustainable business model. Today, financial inclusion is growing but most initiatives still focus on the low-hanging fruit of creating access to credit, insurance, and micro-loans to the informal sector. For a large part, this is because these solutions provide an easier short-term model and return on investment. While these models are important, so too are savings and building long-term financial stability. Unfortunately, saving-based solutions are still vastly underrepresented in the financial inclusion space. Read more here: 


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