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People contribute to pension funds primarily to secure their retirement income. Whiles some are bent on maintaining their current lifestyle in retirement, others are hopeful that they may at least cater for their basic needs without relying wholly on family and friends.


For the effective administration of a pension scheme, every interested party must play their part by the rules and principles governing the scheme. The member of the scheme is a key unit that must be represented on the board to protect and carry out their interest in the management of the scheme. 

Leaving No One Behind-A Day in the Life of our Field Managers.

The coverage of pension systems in Ghana was limited to the small segment of the population in the formal sector until the introduction of the 3 Tier Pension Structure in 2010. Our core aim as a pension company is to extend coverage and respond to the informal sector's pension-related needs. 

A Day in The Life of Our Business Development Team 

The business development department or team in a pension company entails much more than the selling of pension products. At People’s Pension Trust it entails developing initiatives, fostering partnerships, and developing strategies that provide a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

A Deeper Dive Into The Pension Industry With Mr. Laud Senanu

Expertise and commitment are definitely two qualities that will be instrumental on the board of trustees of a pension scheme.  In our newsletter this week, we had an in-depth chat interview with Mr. Laud Senanu, an independent trustee of our schemes who possesses both qualities.

Making Retirement Planning Accessible In The Hinterlands

Retirement planning in Ghana, about a decade ago was the preserve of a certain class of people. However, the pension reform of 2010 has changed that, allowing anyone and everyone to adequately prepare for their retirement. Despite the significant strides being made, the industry is relatively young, and coverage is not as expected.

Independent and Individual Trustees' Role In A Trust-Based Pension Company

The foundation of every pension scheme is hinged on trust by its members that they will receive their claims in due time. For the effective management of a pension scheme, every stakeholder must play their role in administering the trust and complying with their duties as trustees.

Our Sales Ambassador Program-A Chat with the Project Lead and Participants

Our newsletter last week introduced our Sales Ambassador Program with students from the University of Ghana. This program is made possible through our partnership with Trestle Academy Ghana, a youth-centered empowerment organization. The program that has been running for two weeks uses student ambassadors as sales representatives

Delivering Value Through Our Sales Ambassador Program

“You must possess XXXX years of experience” is one of the key requirements that job recruiters demand when scouting for the best talents to help promote businesses and brands. That same requirement is also perhaps the most lacked quality for most first-time job seekers. This becomes a barrier to them securing a job that they could truly excel at

Building a business from scratch: 5 yrs down the road to inclusive pension

It's been 5 years since we started this journey to provide Pension and Financial Inclusion for all workers in Ghana and beyond. Enviu captures our dreams for the future and our challenges in this story. Have a quick read

Leadership, Diversity, and Equality; The Right Mix for Efficient Governance

For the efficient administration of pension funds, board members must be committed to the interest of beneficiaries of the fund, sensitive to managing stakeholder expectations whiles maintaining the culture of the organization.   In line with these pillars, Our Board of Directors comprises leaders in a wide range of areas including fintech...

Reshaping The Retirement Planning Process With The New PPT Website

Retirement planning in the 21st century has gone beyond the use of complex formulae and huge figures. Many people need help planning and saving for their retirement yet to the layperson, financial advice often appears complex and possibly expensive.

Bridging The Gender Gap In Retirement Planning; A Challenge For All Women

As a pension company focused on helping the informal sector, and women across sectors save for their retirement, International Women’s Day meant a lot more to us than a celebration of the female gender in just one day. We have come to appreciate women for the role they play in our families, societies, and our nation and the sturdy strides made i

People’s Pension joins the UK Ghana Chamber of Commerce.

Last week, People’s Pension became the newest company to join the UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC) – a network of over 50 reputable companies committed to doing business in a socially responsible, professional, and ethical manner.

“BIG DATA”-Our Key To Impactful Member Engagement

Technology is fast changing how businesses like ours operate, and the gathering, mining, and analysis of data have a significant impact on our processes and subsequently in the lives of our members.  As we continue to celebrate Women throughout the month of March, today, we would like to shed more light on a very integral part of our business

Member Feature: People's Pension Trust

GNBCC is pleased to present an article about our Premium Member People's Pension Trust based on an interview with the Head of Corporate Communications​, Yaa Asamoah. People’s Pension Trust is a company licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), Ghana, to provide trustee services for the Ghanaian workforce,

IWD 2021 - #ChooseToChallenge yourself for #ABetter Tomorrow

Celebrating women should be an everyday affair because we experience the resilience and commitment of women all year round. Our activities for  this year's International Women's Day are geared towards bridging the gender gap in retirement planning and income security. Because we believe a woman should be celebrated regularly and not once yearly.

Pension Weekly-Protecting Women’s Income Security in Old Age-IWD 2021

March 8th, 2021 is International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is #choosetochallenge. All over the world, various activities and events will be held to mark the day and push further conversations, policies and actions geared towards ensuring gender equality at all levels.

Pension Weekly - Delivering Value:  Insights from The Health Check.

Our last edition in January featured a Health Check exercise with Trimester Save (TMS) – Ghana, A Fintech and mobile health solution fostering a bond between the health and finance sectors. The ongoing health consultative exercise delivers value particularly for members above 55 years by offering a free 7-min phone session with a doctor.

Pension Weekly - Our 2020 Outlook On Covid-19 And Strategies For 2021

2020 was a handful for the world. Our world was challenged with arguably the biggest pandemic in recent times. The impact of the pandemic could be felt at various levels, First, there is the effect on economies, both large and small, on companies like ours and then on individuals like our employees and members.

People's Pension Trust In The News- DRK Foundation Funding Press Release

We received some media coverage on the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation Funding. Read all about the features here.

People's Pension receives $300,000 funding from DRK to support pension work

Accra, Ghana, 4th February 2021 – People’s Pension Trust has received funding of USD300,000 from Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation (DRK) in support of its efforts to promote financial inclusion by providing informal workers with innovative pension products and services.

PPT is newest addition to the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

People’s Pension Trust is the newest addition to the Draper Richards Kaplan (DRK) Foundation. The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation is a global venture philanthropy firm supporting early stage, high impact social enterprises.

Dear Partner, Meet Our CEO-Saqib Nazir

In April 2020, staff of People’s Pension Trust met our new CEO, Saqib Nazir, after the sad and sudden demise of the former one, Samuel Waterberg. Mr. Nazir was however not completely new to the team, having served as a board member previously. What was new however, was working and interacting with him very closely and to follow his lead towards

A behavioural case study on PPT's interventions for digital contributions

A behavioural case study on PPT's interventions for digital contributions

PPT secures up to £500000 from FSD AFrica Investments to expand pension

People’s Pension Trust (PPT) has received funding of up to GBP 500,000 from FSD Africa Investments to expand pension coverage and access to informal workers in Ghana. This will be done by developing innovative approaches specifically designed to foster inclusion in financial and social protection systems.

PPT named as one of 12 Fintech Finalists for the 2020 AFI Fintech Showcase

People’s Pension Trust has been named as one of 12 fintech finalists for the 2020 AFI Inclusive Fintech Showcase. This is the second time the company has made it to the final stage of the competition, having been selected in 2019 as well.

Peoples Pension selected as Finalist for the Mission Billion Challenge

People’s Pension Trust selected as a Finalist for the Mission Billion Challenge WURI West Africa Prize

People’s Pension Trust launches iCARE Pension on Pension Awareness Day

Sign Up for iCARE pension here

Sign Up for iCARE pension here

Set up someone you care about on iCARE pension here

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