How it works

How it works

Peoples Pension Trust offers a pension product called “Me Daakye” (My Future). You can save during your working years for the period after retirement. It is carefully designed to consider your current needs and expectations as well as your needs once you become older.

You can start saving from the age of 16 up to 55. You are encouraged to save until retirement age and the minimum contribution period is 5 years. Savings amounts are flexible and can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Partial early withdrawal is possible. Your pension savings (& goal) are available at any time. You can access your savings statement on your mobile phone or on our website.

To build up significant retirement benefits, members are encouraged to make contribution not less than ($125) 500 Ghana cedis per annum. Payment can be done through pension managers, via mobile payment, bankers draft or at any of our representative offices across the country.


By saving with this product, you secure an income after retirement for yourself or your children. You enjoy a good return on your investment (the aim is to keep up with inflation).

Your money is invested and kept at Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited. You enjoy flexible withdrawal terms as well as a one-time option to withdraw a lump sum on retirement.


Get your pension in a few steps

  • 1 Sign up
  • 2 Together make a pension saving plan
  • 3 Start saving
  • 4 Withdrawal if needed
  • 5 Receive a retirement benefit
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