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Who We Are

Who We Are

People’s Pension Trust is a company licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), Ghana, to provide trustee services for the Ghanaian workforce, particularly, those in the informal sector.

We are a subsidiary of People’s Pension Holding based in the Netherlands. The shareholders of Peoples Pension Trust Ghana Limited are Ghanaian entrepreneur Samuel Bediako Waterberg and People's Pension Holding BV in the Netherlands.

The company is supported by some of the best pension insurers and administrators of the Dutch Pension Scheme. This wealth of knowledge at our disposal coupled with our thorough understanding of the Ghanaian local context informs the development of our pension products and services.

We also thrive on the expertise and support of our Dutch partners, our values and our skills in providing pension education and administering a pension scheme that delivers only the best for our clients.

Our Vision
PPT will be recognized as the organization that successfully reduces old-age poverty by offering flexible and high-quality pension products for both formal and informal sector workers in Ghana.

Our Ambition
PPT aims to provide some 1 million informal workers, locally and regionally, with a tailor-made pension product by 2025.

Our Values-iTRUST
Innovation: Continuous development of products and processes underpinned by latest technology.
Trust: Act with fairness and integrity.
Respect: Embrace diversity and value opinions.
Understanding: Consensus Building.
Service: Quality and reliable delivery.
Transparency: Practice honest and open communication.


What We Do

People’s Pension Trust Ghana manages and administers a number of schemes, these include:
Personal Pension Scheme
Master Trust Occupational Pension Scheme
Master Trust Provident Fund Scheme
Third Party Scheme Administration

People's Pension Trust is particularly committed to ensuring all workers, particularly informal sector workers can retire in comfort, hence the introduction of its Personal Pension Scheme.

This scheme enables them to save daily, weekly or monthly through mobile payments, using direct debit or otherwise through existing community based groups and associations.

Ghana Pension Reform

Ghana’s pension system, until the reforms leading to the enactment of the National Pensions Act 2008 (Act 766), provided basic protection against the risks associated with old age for only formal sector workers. This meant the majority of the country’s workforce found in the informal sector were left out of the traditional pension system.

They were therefore unable to secure an income after retirement and thus fell into old age poverty. The pension reform notwithstanding, penetration into the informal sector has been largely insignificant due to a myraid of factors including low knowledge levels about pensions, issues of fraud by some financial institutions, mistrust, long-term nature of pension schemes, etc.





However, People’s Pension Trust is determined to change that by providing innovative pension products, insightful financial education and delivering the best customer experience to the general Ghanaian populace, particularly those in the informal sector.



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