People’s Pension Trust is a social company

People’s Pension Trust is a social company

Most pension systems in Ghana provide at least basic protection against the risks associated with old age for formal-sector workers.  However, majority of workers engaged in the informal sector, are left out of the traditional pension systems. 

What this means is that they are not able to secure an income after retirement and fall into poverty after their working life. This is what we at Peoples Pension Trust are determined to change.


The Company is part of a group

People’s Pension Trust (PPT) is part of People’s Pension Holding (PPH). People’s Pension Holding supports PPT to grow professionally with the required (operational) pension expertise. PPH builds the IT and micro pensions knowledge to be able to build more pension companies like PPT. The ambition and team of PPH are to be found here.

Shareholders of Peoples Pension Trust Ghana Limited are Ghanaian entrepreneur Samuel Bediako Waterberg and People's Pension Holding BV in the Netherlands. The largest pension insurers and administrators of the Dutch Pension Sector have supported the development of this new pension product and its processes extensively.

What We Do

People’s Pension Trust Ghana Limited operates a pension fund that allows workers in the informal sector to save for their pension. We offer a pension product for which people can save daily, weekly or monthly with flexible deposits done by mobile money or otherwise through existing community based groups and savings groups. We are also committed to ensuring that people are financially educated about saving for the long term. Essentially, we do the following:

  • Financial education
  • Distribute the pension product
  • Collect contributions
  • Administer the pension fund
  • Invest the assets
  • Payout benefits to retirees.
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